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UK Internet Sites has been built from the ground up, we are financially stable and are in the fortunate position of having no debt or loans, and we own all our equipment. We have an excellent network of servers in 5 data centres around the globe. Our clients range from small businesses through to well-known brands.

Our principle business model is based around being "A Content Affiliate Marketing Company" by working on informational and entertaining websites that we fully own; we promote products and services for a wide range of brands. The sales we generate result in us earning commission, and we are responsible for millions of pounds in online sales being generated annually.

We also offer a range of online services.

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UK Internet Sites is a wholly owned Private Limited Company, established in the year 2000. The company directors are Clarke Duncan (co-founder) and Graeme Sandwell (co-founder) both holding an equal share of 50% of the company.

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UK Internet Sites operates a decent sized portfolio of sites which cover a wide area of niches. Feel free to check our sites, if you're a merchant or advertiser who is interested in featuring on any of these sites, your 1st port of call should be to contact the team running the site directly via the sites contact form.

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